Green Features

A Greener, Smarter Yeon Building.

Yeon Building renovations meet LEED certification standards, and our smart interior design principles make the building a more healthy and productive workplace for your firm. The new Yeon Building is focused on being environmentally responsible and reducing its carbon footprint to conserve Portland’s natural resources for the next 100 years.

Green building elements include:

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Systems

  • Upgrades to the building HVAC to ensure comfortable working environments while conserving energy
  • Operable windows to allow outside air into offices

Electrical and Water Efficiency

  • Improved Electrical Infrastructure
  • More efficient lighting fixtures
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures

Interior Amenities

  • Green, renewable material selections and low-VOC paints
  • Open floor plans to maximize natural light and ventilation
  • Bike storage and showers

Green Operations and Maintenance

  • Green cleaning products used by maintenance staff
  • Recycling and e-waste program
  • Energy monitoring program to provide real-time feedback on resource use
  • Emphasis on Green Manuals for Tenants